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Robot | 09-Sep-2015 | 19:37

Japan Humanoid Robot Sells Out in 1 Min

   Masayoshi Son, chief executive officer and founder of Softbank Corp, stands by a humanoid robot, named "Pepper," during a press conference in Urayasu, Chiba prefecture, on Thursday. (Kyodo photo)

     Softbank said that 1,000 units of "Pepper" were sold out in just one minute on Saturday. Softbank began accepting orders at 10am (8am Thailand time) on Saturday. Delivery will start in July. By the end of July the company will announce when it will sell the next batch of the robot, the firm added.Priced at 213,840 yen (58,600 baht), the robot is claimed to be the world's first personal robot capable of reading emotions via its camera, touch sensors and microphone. Softbank plans to begin selling "Pepper" for corporate use, such as to use as a receptionist or to provide other customer services. Softbank also aims to begin selling it overseas possibly later this year.


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